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Let me at first introduce my self. After finishing my schooling, I obtained my BE, ME and PhD from "Dresden University of Technology". I have completed my thesis in the field of communications engineering on the subject "Untersuchungen und Realisierungen von Turbo-Block-Codes". Here is a brief version of the thesis and summary. After going through these brief documents, if I have raised your interest, drop an email to me. I would be glad to share more details and the code.

From Software to Hardware

My interests not only include Coding and Decoding schemes in the digital communications, but also the step-by-step approach of hardware design from algorithm level. Here is an example:


From Requirements to Quality Assurance

My career progression has also drawn my interest in quality assurance of the software delivery by verification and validation through extensive test methodologies. Here is an example of test process:


From Negotiation to Services

I'm also interested in offering my services & consultant competency for institutes and small scale organisations.

Other than these R&D, Q&A interests, I also spend some free time in writing programms for PC's, for example supporting the development of an English-German dictionary.

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